PR-WS-116 We Sing Of America


PR-WS-116      We Sing Of America – Kit with CD, by Teresa Jennings, Paul Jennings, and John Riggio.

Inspirational Songs For Singers Of All Ages

Subscribers of Music K-8 magazine often tell us how much they appreciate the patriotic and commemorative music we publish. The songs in this collection are some of the most popular, most performed works we’ve ever published. They have brought millions of parents and other audience members to their feet and to tears. You’ll hear what teachers nationwide are talking about. We Sing Of America includes:

  • Blue and Red and White – The musical contrasts and powerful ending of this dramatic song have produced inspirational moments for thousands of young choirs. It grows from a unison opening to a moving “3-part mixed” voicing later in the piece, but it is arranged to work well when sung in unison, making it ideal as a performance closer that combines various grades.
  • The Heart Of America – Upbeat and patriotic, this tune is set in an easy-to-sing folk/rock style that will have all of your singers participating enthusiastically.
  • My Flag – There’s just something about the sight of Old Glory that touches, calms, and reassures, especially in times of conflict and fear. This quiet, lovely anthem to our flag is easy enough for all of your singers to learn, even your youngest. The recording features a symphonic setting which includes a beautiful clarinet choir at the verse.
  • Allegiance Rap – Many American schools recite The Pledge of Allegiance regularly. Children performing this compelling and dramatic setting make the words come to life. From the solo electric guitar to the symphonic strings and brass, the recording of this piece is truly inspirational and one that your kids will respond to positively. And if you prefer to avoid the term “rap” at your school, it is easily re-titled “The Pledge of Allegiance.”
  • American Tears – One of Teresa’s most talked about works, this moving anthem is appropriate any time you want to honor the sacrifice of our heroes from today and yesterday, including Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or programs for local fire and police personnel. It was written to feature a soloist with choir, but it is also quite effective with just unison choir.
  • Put Your Hand On Your Heart – This personal favorite is a unique blend of powerful lyrics and infectious jazz fusion. It’s easy and fun to sing, and impossible to get out of your head! Listen to the excerpt and you will know what we mean.
  • The Star-Spangled Banner – Now when you need to sing our National Anthem for any occasion, you have a singable arrangement (in A-flat) with a professional recording that features a full orchestra with dramatic brass fanfares for added majesty.
  • You Are Our Heroes – Though this ballad is dedicated to the heroes of September 11, we hope that you will consider using it to honor the heroes in your own world as well. Firefighters, policemen, rescue workers, veterans – anyone who has ever put their life on the line for others deserves to be recognized and honored.

This is a collection that you will use over and over in years to come!

Sound Samples

Blue and Red and White

The Heart Of America

My Flag

Allegiance Rap

American Tears

Put Your Hand On Your Heart

The Star-Spangled Banner

You Are Our Heroes (solo and chorus)

You Are Our Heroes (chorus with solo)