PR-MY-111 My Planet, Your Planet w / CD Teacher’s Handbook


PR-MY-111      My Planet, Your Planet w / CD Teacher’s Handbook, by Teresa Jennings

An Earth-Friendly Musical Revue For Our One And Only Home

Over the years, we have continued to offer many, many pieces of music that celebrate and honor our one and only planet earth. But as attention comes around once again to environmental challenges facing us all, the time seemed right to bring this subject across the curriculum through an amazing musical revue. Music has the power to do something almost nothing else can. It can bring awareness, hope, and action. Let the power of music be the voice of your students with this important musical revue.

As always, we highly recommend that you let your fellow teachers and school know that you have this terrific resource at the ready for any and all school-wide purposes.

From Volume 18 of Music K-8 magazine, My Planet, Your Planet includes:

  • My Planet, Your Planet – The song that opens the revue is a very pleasant, easy-to-listen-to, fun-to-sing tune. As you will hear on the recording, the opening vocal lines can be sung as solos. Other than the optional solos, the song is mostly in unison throughout.
  • It’s Easy Bein’ Green – Now even your very youngest students can sing about the environment! The tune swings, and the superb big band arrangement is a joy to listen to. The song is written with an optional call and response that recurs throughout, though you can choose to use just the call by itself.
  • Earthlings, Unite! -The music for this tune is a pop shuffle. The vocal part is all in unison, and the lyrics are quite memorable, making it easy to learn. In fact, students – and audience members – may be humming this catchy song to themselves long after the fact!
  • Tomorrow Needs Us – This beautiful and emotional rock ballad brings to light the importance of being an active, positive influence in the world. It is a lovely, stirring piece that begins gently with an optional solo, and builds to an optional 3-part powerhouse ending, complete with an “a cappella moment” that will send chills through your listeners.
  • Agents Of Change – This song is just too fun! Part marching band, part rock band, this unison piece is extremely motivational. Turn the volume way up so the kids can hear the driving beat. Everyone can participate, including your audience, and at the very least, this song will get them on their feet!

This revue is a wonderful tool for opening discussions of science and natural history. Whether you stage this revue or just use it in the classroom, the kit provides a script with connecting dialog, a teacher’s guide, program artwork, as well as movement and staging suggestions. Everything you need for a fantastically successful program!

Song Titles

My Planet, Your Planet

It’s Easy Bein’ Green

Earthlings, Unite!

Tomorrow Needs Us

Agents Of Change