SSM10 Sonor Smart Series Meisterklasse Soprano Metallaphone


SSM10      Sonor Smart Series Meisterklasse Soprano Metallophone

The SONOR Smart Series embraces market-leading innovations in sound, functionality, and design.  The portability of the SMART series makes teaching easier, both in and out of the classroom. With an innovative bar mounting pin and unique resonator box design, teachers can easily stack the instruments, maximizing storage space. Students experience improved ergonomics with the integrated riser elevation.  Most importantly, the SONOR Smart series elevates performance with its enhanced sound developed through acoustical research and innovative resonance chamber designs. Soprano Metallophone featuring SMART series innovations. 16 bars; c2-a3; C-major scale with f#2, bb2 and f#3;  Aluminum bars 30 x 12 mm, precision-tuned to A440;  incl. 1 pair SCH 23


Orff, Elementary Music, Metallophone, Soprano

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