SL1 Step Lively 1


SL1 Step Lively 1 / Book and CD by Marion Rose

A lively collection of 13 tunes and 20 time-tested dances from traditions such as folk dancing, square dancing, contra dancing, and singing games.

All are suitable for classroom instruction (K-12), or for family-oriented events such as weddings, parties and festivals. Designed for use by non-professional dance leaders, Step Lively features charming illustrations and clear, explicit instructions.

  • Kinderpolka
  • Can’t Jump Josie
  • Ach Ja!
  • Bingo
  • Caimarusa
  • Sasha!
  • Ozark Rag
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Grand March
  • Rick’s Mixer
  • Blobs
  • Virginia Reel
  • Trains (Les P’tits Chars)
  • Weaver’s Galopede
  • Alice Lake
  • Sanita Hill Circle
  • Northern Friends
  • Barn Dance
  • Family Waltz

Step Lively is one of my favorite resources for its excellent music, clear instructions, and irreverent humor.” – Sanna Longden, folk dance specialist

All you need is Step Lively and a group of people to have a great party.” – June Cannon, dance caller, Hornby Island

I love how teacher-friendly your book is – we’ve had so much fun using it in our classroom!” – Pam Demontigny, Montessori teacher, Prince George

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