CD2 More Folk Dance Music for Kids and Teachers


CD2 More Folk Dance Music for Kids and Teachers by Sanna Longden


More Folk Dance Music for Kids and Teachers By Sanna Longden (CD 2) is a recording of music for 20 enjoyable dances for all levels of learners. An online link to downloadable PDF files of the syllabus of dance directions is included.


Boot Scootin’ Boogie (line dance – USA country/ western)**
Constant Billy (morris dance – England)**
Cotton-Eyed Joe (Texas two-step – USA Tex-Mex)**
El Vals de los Panos (The Waltz of the Handkerchiefs – colonial New Mexico and northern Mexico)** Gathering Peascods (country dance – England)*
Grand March (processional – USA eastern-seaboard colonial)**
Huitzilopochtli (Mexico pre-Hispanic Aztec)*
I Love a Rainy Night (line dance pattern – USA)**
Jenny Pluck Pears (England)**
La Belle Catherine/ Muffin Man (colonial-style contra dance – eastern USA)**
La Raspa (Mexico-Jalisco Guadalajara)*
Los Machetes (partner dance and stick dance version – Mexico)*
Tonanzin (Mexico pre-Hispanic Aztec)*
The Virginia Reel (19th century frontier dance – USA)**
Maypole Music (English/ USA Maypole tradition) – 5 dances and 2 traditional English dances (Maypole dances without ribbons)*
The Minuet (western Europe and USA east-coast colonial)**
The Peopleton Stick Dance**
Sellenger’s Round (England)*
Siege of Carrick (ceildh dance – Ireland)*
The Sir Roger de Coverly (English country dance and USA east-coast colonial)**