CD1 1/2 Even More Folk Dance Music for Kids and Teachers


CD1 1/2 Even More Folk Dance Music for Kids and Teachers by Sanna Longden


Sonna Longden’s Even More Folk Dances for Kids and Teachers features 15 dances of varying ethnicities, for learners of all ages. An online link to downloadable PDF files of the syllabus of dance directions is included.


Aloha Kakahiaka – preK – grade 3, happy Hawaiian hula
Ba La – grade 5-adult, energetic cha-cha mixer from Israel
Bluebird – grades K-2, fun dance from the USA starting in a circle and ending in a long train
Odessa Bulgar – grade 9-adult, Eastern European Jewish dance for couples
Epo i Tai Tai – grades K-6, charming clapping dance from Samoa/Hawaii
Good Old Days – grade 4-adults, hand-jive individual dance from the USA
Here Comes Santa – grades 1-5, a happy Hawaiian hula for the holidays
Hora (Tzena) – grade 5-adult, catchy tune for the Israeli hora
Hora (Yemei Hannukah) – grade 5-adult, Hannukah tune for the Israeli hora
Jingle Bells – grades K-8, fun mixer from USA/Holland to that old familiar tune
Sasha – grade 5-adult, energetic mixer from Russia
Servihasapikos – grade 6-adult, basic Greek line dance
Troika – grade 3-adults, trio dance from Russia
Twelfth Street Rag – grade 6-adult, Charleston-type dance from the USA
Ya’ Abud – grade 7-adult, Debky-like line dance from Lebanon
(Please note, grade levels are just suggestions)