DVD1 Favorite Folk Dances of Kids and Teachers


DVD1 Favorite Folk Dances of Kids and Teachers by Sanna Longden


Favorite Folk Dances of Kids and Teachers DVD 1 By Sanna Longden DVD with link to online syllabusDances for Christmas and Hanukah, for multicultural programs, and for fun. Live teaching situation with Sanna and children, educators, families, and folk dancers. An online link to downloadable PDF files of the syllabus of dance directions is included. Music for the dances are on CD 1 (item 850482) and CD 1-1/2 (851888), each available separately.Dances: Getting StartedGood Old Days ** (USA-Individual dance), grade 4-adult, hand-jive to Charleston musicBluebird ** (USA-Playparty) – K-grade 2, traditional singing game Yesh Lanu Taish ** (Israel-Longways sets) – grades 3-8Twelfth Street Rag ** (USA-2,3,4 people) – grades 5-adult, jazzy dance for twos or moreAgadu* (Israel-Individual Dance, Circle) – grades 1-4Happy HolidaysJingle Bells ** (USA/Holland-Many formations) – grades K-8, holiday mixer adaptable for all agesHere Comes Santa in His Red Canoe ** (Hawaii-Hula) – grades 1-5Sevivon* (Hanukah Dance) – grades K-5, adaptable dreidl dance for partnersHanukah Hora ** (Israel-Circles) – grade 5-adult, basic hora pattern, not just for HanukahMulticultural Curriculum ConnectionsBongo*(West Africa-Follow the leader dance) – grades K-6, circle game to drum musicTokyo Dontaku* (Japan-Individual dance) – grade 4-adult, traditional Bon circle danceHuaynu* (Andean Mountains-Partners and group) – grade 4-adultGrade levels are only suggestions. * music on CD 1** music on CD 1-1/2