RR-716 Rounds For Recorders


RR-716     Rounds For Recorders – Kit with CD, by Paul Jennings and Teresa Jennings

A Progressive Collection For Young Players

Rounds are an excellent way to build confidence and independence in young recorder players. This creative collection provides new settings of traditional favorites and special new rounds for more limited ranges. The songs are presented in progressive order, arranged for your recorder players as they progress to new levels. There are 2-, 3-, and 4-part rounds, but the tunes can be played as simple rounds or in unison for maximum flexibility, and lyrics are provided for many tunes for additional teaching options. Your students will really enjoy Teresa’s originals and Paul’s fresh arrangements:

  • Big Round BAG – BAG
  • Upside Down – GABC
  • Yangtze Boatman’s Song – EGAB
  • Canoe Round (My Paddle Clean And Bright) – DEGAB(E’)
  • Morning Glory – DEGAB
  • Sweet Pea (Run Down And See) – DGABD’
  • Now The Day Is Nearly Done – GABCD
  • Frogs All ‘Round (“Song of the Frogs”) – DGABCD’
  • S’vivon (Dreidl, Spin) – EF#GAB
  • A Ram Sam Sam – DF#GABCD’
  • Hot Choc’late – DF#GABD’
  • O, How Lovely Is The Evening – GABCDE
  • The Adventures Of Duckleberry Flinn – F#GABCD
  • Music Alone Shall Live – DEF#GABCD’E’
  • I Love The Mountains – DEF#GABCD’E’

You will find the same clever arrangements and great orchestrations you’ve come to expect from Paul’s work in Music K-8.

Sound Samples

Big Round BAG

Upside Down

Yangtze Boatman’s Song

Canoe Round (My Paddle Clean And Bright)

Morning Glory

Sweet Pea (Run Down And See) (Slow)

Sweet Pea (Run Down And See) (Fast)

Now The Day Is Nearly Done

Frogs All ‘Round (“Song of the Frogs”)

S’vivon (Dreidl, Spin)

A Ram Sam Sam

Hot Choc’late

O, How Lovely Is The Evening

The Adventures Of Duckleberry Flinn (Slow)

The Adventures Of Duckleberry Flinn (Fast)

Music Alone Shall Live

I Love The Mountains