PR-TA-111 This Is America – Kit with CD


PR-TA-111      This Is America – Kit with CD, by Teresa Jennings

A Celebration of Our Country

This powerful, poignant all-school revue, originally published in Music K-8, Vol. 13, beams with American pride and honor. From the stately, patriotic opening song, to the jubilant tribute to our United States in “The Lights Of Freedom,” this revue will stir emotion, pride, and honor. This Is America includes:

  • This Is America – This amazing song is a symphonic march recorded with orchestra. It’s also a treat to listen to the instrumental version of this piece just for the pleasure of it. You could even use it as a teaching tool.
  • I Love My Country – This is a very simple song, but it also has a certain elegance. The stately halftime style of this piece is somewhat reminiscent of historical music, perhaps from the era of the American Revolution.
  • American Tears – A tribute to the many heroes, patriots, soldiers, pioneers, and ordinary Americans, “American Tears” honors those who have made great sacrifices for many different reasons throughout our history.
  • Mighty United – This funky rock tune is written to emphasize the unity Americans can and do feel when they stand together. As the lyrics say, “We are mighty when we’re united. Strong, when we take a stand.” As every American knows, our efforts as a country are inspired by and for our freedom.
  • The Lights Of Freedom – This is the finale to this incredible revue. With opportunities for soloists, small groups, speakers, movement, and much more, you will soon discover that it has numerous performance possibilities. The lyrics speak of freedom and liberty while introducing every single one of our 50 great states. It’s a very fitting and triumphant end to this amazing revue. It is sure to lift high the spirits of those in the audience and of those performing it as well.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to sing and learn about our great country!

Song Titles

This Is America

I Love My Country

American Tears

Mighty United

The Lights Of Freedom