SM3 Pop Play-Alongs Volume 1

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SM3   Pop Play-Alongs Volume 1 by Linda Miller

This interactive Smart resource includes a variety of activities to use with pop songs – Boomwhacker, recorder and percussion play alongs, listening, rhythm reading and cup games!  Your students will love the Limbo Rock, YMCA, Chicken Dance, Jazzy Hockey Pockey, Locomotion, Mexican Hat Dance and Cha Cha Slide.  Includes instructions, interactive pdfs, Smart files, mp3s & demo movies.

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Materials Included

In the printed product:
– Printed Digital Resource / Enhanced CD
– Projectable PDF
– SMART Notebook
– Movies


Audio: Cha Cha Slide
Audio: Jazzy Hokey Pokey
Audio: Limbo Rock
Projectable: Pop Play Alongs
Projectable: Dance Moves
Projectable: Easy Hokey Pokey Play Alongs