DVD2 More Favorite Folk Dances of Kids and Teachers


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DVD2 More Favorite Folk Dances of Kids and Teachers by Sanna Longden


More Favorite Folk Dances DVD 2By Sanna Longden
DVD and link to online syllabus

12 Useful and Enjoyable Dances and Multicultural Movement Activities. Includes brief background descriptions and list of teaching suggestions. An online link to downloadable PDF files of the syllabus of dance directions is included.


4 Humorous Getting-Started Dances:
Bear Went over the Mountain (USA – Grade PreK-1)
Yan Petit* (France Grade 2-4)
Barnereinlender* (Norway – Grade 3-6)
Scratch (USA-almost all ages)

3 Dances for Threes:
Pop Goes the Weasel (USA – Grade K-2)
Troika ** (Russia – Grade 3 – Adult)
Te Ve’Orez* (Israel- Grade 4-Adult)

Stick Dances and Other Challenges:
Epo I Tai Tai E ** (Samoa/Hawaii – Grade K-6)
How Do You Dootee (Australia – Grade 4-Adult)
Raj* (Northern India – Grade 6-Adult)
Baztango Esku-Dantza* (Basque – Grade 6-Adult)
Paddle Dance* (French-Canada – almost all ages)


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