DVD3 Living Ethnic Dances for Kids and Teachers


DVD3 Living Ethnic Dances for Kids and Teachers by Sanna Longden


Living Ethnic Dances for Kids and Teachers DVD 3 By Sanna Longden DVD and link to online syllabus Sanna instructs schoolchildren & adults in live teaching situation.Each segment includes a brief background description and a list of teaching suggestions; almost all feature an example of true styling by native people. An online link to downloadable PDF files of the syllabus of dance directions is included.

Contents: (with suggested grade levels)

Dances with Hand Motions:Aloha Kakahiaka ** (Happy Hawaiian Hula) PreK-GR 3 Highlife/Pandoga* (West African/Caribbean dance) Grade 3-Adult Tokyo Dontaku* (Japanese Bon dance) Grade K-Adult.Special Teaching Progression: Tinikling* (Filipino dance with bamboo poles) Grade 5-Adult.Dances of the Multinational Jewish People: Tzlil Zugim* (Israel- Oriental style) GR 6-Adult Ya’Abud ** (Israel-Arabic style) Bulgar ** (Eastern European Jewish) Grade 9 – Adult.Dances from the Balkans and Greece: Niska Banja/Duj Duj* (Serbian line dance) Grade 6-Adult Seljancica* (Croatian and Serbian dance) Grade 3-Adult Servihasapikos ** (Greek line dance)