BPP-MM4LK Marimba Music for Little Kids (Book/music downloads)



Monday’s Child

Cabbage Cafe

Scoobie Doo


Pudding on the Hill


Pick a Bale of Cotton

I Wanna C-C-C

Click Those Sticks

With A GGG and a Click 2,3

Haunting Whistle

If You’re Happy and You Know It

Gina, Eva, Cecilia, Dina

99 O’Clock

Candle in the Night

Shake it Up Zena


BPP-MM4LK Marimba Music for Little Kids Book / music downloads by Jon Madin

Marimba Music for Little Kids is a collection of songs and pieces of music for diatonic marimbas, xylophones and other instruments. These songs are suitable for children ages 5-10 (some can easily be adapted for older children too). The songs for the youngest children have actions and only a few notes to find.