SP00L3R Rhythmic Manipulatives Level 3


SP00L3R Rhythmic Manipulatives Level 3 created by Billy Ferguson / available in sets of 12 or 24

Includes 16 and 12 beat dictation cards, quarter note, eight note. sixteenth note, eighth note/sixteenth note combinations, , half note, dotted half note, whole note,  quarter rest, half rest, dotted half rest, whole rest, dotted eighth/sixteenth, eight note triplets,  syncopated and 6/8 rhythm cards.  These can be used for dictation or for students to compose their own  rhythm patterns.  Each set comes with 1- 11″ x 13″ ziplock bag to store all components of the kit and 12 or 24 ziplock snack bags to store rhythm cards.


Set of 12, Set of 24