PR-BA 216 Bag Warm-up & Workouts for young Players

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PR-BA 216 Bag Warm-up & Workouts for young Players / Book by John Riggio and Paul Jennings

The first lessons with students beginning to play the recorder can be difficult. These can be times of frustration, boredom, and occasionally pandemonium. This unique teaching resource is a collection of short, interesting warm-ups and technique builders that will make the journey through the first three notes used in most methods an enjoyable one.

The clever tunes help to reinforce the concepts taught, adding spice and motivation to the first lessons. Each warm-up and workout zeroes in on one note or concept and comes with an exciting, contemporary recorded accompaniment that will make students want to play them over and over as they learn. Each note gets a workout, as do the various combinations in a logical progression. These workouts for beginning players deal with important concepts: breath control, tone production, simple articulation, and hand position.

The Teacher’s Handbook has teaching notes and student parts. The CD has both full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks. Ownership of the printed material grants permission to reproduce all music and other reproducibles for use with all your students.