MUS-BR4 Purposeful Pathways, Book 4


MUS-BR4  Purposeful Pathways, Book 4 by Roger Sams and BethAnn Hepburn.

Edited by Jill Trinka

“Purposeful Pathways: Possibilities for Elementary and Middle School Music Classrooms” is an extensive collection of curricular materials for learning music by making music. Based on the philosophies of Orff Schulwerk, Kodály, and eurhythmics, this collection of developmentally sequenced learning activities offers elementary and middle school general music educators diverse choices for how to present folk song from diverse cultures and original material, including lessons in singing, literacy, movement, improvisation, composition, and instrumental ensemble. Each lesson is a collection of learning pathways, to be selected by the teacher, that unfold over time offering possibilities for differentiated instruction and flexibility in diverse classroom settings. This flexible design makes this resource helpful to all teachers, first year to seasoned educators!

Printable manipulatives for composition activities are available as a free digital download with the purchase of the book.

Electronic visuals (in SMART Notebook, Promethean ActivInspire, and PowerPoint formats) are available as an additional purchase in CD-ROM and digital download formats.

Purposeful Pathways 4 Curricular Content

Rhythm Content:

Simple Meter:
quarter note
two eighth notes
half note
dotted half note
whole note
dotted quarter/eighth note pattern
eighth/dotted quarter note pattern
sixteenth notes
all possible combinations of eighth notes and sixteenth notes
quarter rest
eighth rest
half rest
whole rest
Compound Meter:
dotted quarter note
three eighth notes
quarter/eighth note pattern
dotted half note
dotted quarter rest

Melody Content:

Do and La Centered Diatonic Scales

Harmony Content:

Functional Harmony (I-IV-V)


Down the River
Compound Meter Piece for Dancing
Fishpole Song
Synthesis and Assimilation
Proverb Play
Old House
Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill
Red are Strawberries
Ol’ Texas
Ach De Lieber Augustin
What a Goodly Thing
Boll Weevil (The)
Diddle Fiddle
Two Sixteenth Eighth
Above the Plain (Ifca’s Castle)
Cottleston Pie
King Kong Kitchie
Weevily Wheat
I’m Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing
Ritsch, Ratsch, Fi-Di-Boom-Boom-Boom
Our Gallant Ship
My Hat It Has Three Corners
Sixteenth Dotted Eighth
Love Somebody
Cape Cod Girls
This Little Light of Mine
I Let Her Go-Go
This Train is Bound for Glory
Riding in a Buggy
Donkey Riding
Cindy, Cindy
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Purposeful Pathways is endorsed by thought leaders in elementary and middle school general music. Here’s what the experts are saying:

From the wonderful musical selections, to the clearly written lesson sequences, to the electronic visuals, Purposeful Pathways 4 is a beautiful culmination to the Purposeful Pathways series. The activities included in this book encompass all modes of music making, including singing, rhythmic speaking, dancing and creative movement, and activities for Orff instruments, non-pitched percussion instruments, and recorder. Pieces are taught by rote and by reading, and students are led to improvise using the rhythmic and melodic concepts they have learned. It’s all here—presented in a logical, sequential fashion. Music educators will find this book extremely valuable, whether using it as a resource or as the foundation of their curriculum. Because flexibility is key to the intent of the book, teachers of all levels of experience from varied educational and specialized training backgrounds will find this book to be a “must-have” in their collection of educational resources.
Julie Scott, Ph.D., Professor of Practice in Music Education, Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University
Past President, American Orff-Schulwerk Association

The genius of the Purposeful Pathways series is its ability to speak to where teachers are in their expertise without patronizing. Each lesson considers the teacher’s need for flexibility and gives space for decisions that will support teaching and learning in any given situation. Lessons are applicable and structured while joyful and student-centered. Roger and BethAnn’s experience in the classroom, their enjoyment in exploring pedagogy, and skill in communication shines throughout. What an invaluable and timeless resource!
Lorelei Batislaong
Assistant Instructor, Music and Human Learning, Butler School of Music, The University of Texas at Austin
Past Region Representative, American Orff-Schulwerk Association
Chair, American Orff-Schulwerk Association Diversity Sub-Committee
Texas State Director, National Association for Music Education

Purposeful Pathways 4 is a must have resource for all general music educators, whether you are a first-year teacher, or a seasoned pro. Through play and exploration, students experience singing, saying, moving, playing, and so much more, utilizing quality materials that students love. I have been using Purposeful Pathways in my classroom for years, and I am delighted that the fourth book is finally here!
Joyce Stephansky
Elementary Music Educator, Fairfax County Public Schools
Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Music, George Mason University
Director, Orff Schulwerk Teacher Education Program, George Mason University
Past Chair, Post Level III Sub-Committee, American Orff Schulwerk Association