G-6961 Bought Me A Cat Volume 2


G-6961    Bought Me a Cat – Volume 2, Book and CD edition by Jill Trinka

And other folk songs, singing games, and play parties for kids of all ages. Enrich children’s lives with this delightful collection of traditional music. Play the CD at school, at home, and in the car for enjoyment or study.

The book and CD collection features: song transcriptions, directions for all games and play parties, both simple and more advanced directions, song history and comparative source information, suggestions for use in music curricula, music reading examples based on the folk songs, and complete indices of subject matter, instrumentation, song type (grade level), meter and time signatures, tone sets, melodic elements and patterns, and rhythmic elements and patterns.

CONTENTS: Bandy-Rowe – Bingo – Bought Me a Cat – Cedar Swamp – The Cherry Tree Carol – Chickama Craney Crow – Come Back Home, My Little Chicks – The Cuckoo – Dillan Bay – Draw Me a Bucket of Water – Firefly – Frog Went A-Courtin’ – Green, Green, The Crabapple Tree – Hambone – Jolly Is the Miller – Jubilee – The Juniper Tree – Kitty, Kitty Casket – The Old Sow – Page’s Train – Pretty Polly – Tideo – Weevily Wheat – The Wind and the Rain.