G-10661 Harambee!


G-10661      Harambee! – Songs and Games From Tanzania, by Kedmon Mapana and Karen Howard, book

Harambee (Swahili): a festive gathering for singing and dancing.

This beautiful collection of songs and games for elementary and middle school students showcases the vibrant and varied musical traditions of Tanzania, and in particular those of the Wagogo people of central Tanzania.

As with all books in the World Music Initiative series, this collection guides students and teachers to an understanding of world music traditions by providing cultural and historical context for each selection, including information on geography, ethnic groups, languages, music genres, and traditional instruments—complete with pictures and video links.

Audio recordings—both a spoken pronunciation track and a singing track—are available online for all songs and chants, as well as PowerPoint slides for many of the materials. Each selection also includes notation, translations, phonetic pronunciations, and optional ideas for pedagogical extensions.

Created with the generous support and input of many Tanzanian children, teachers, and friends, this collection presents the music of Tanzania in an accessible way that honors the music’s original context while adapting it for a new context and to teach new musical concepts.

Kedmon Mapana is a senior lecturer of music in the Department of Creative Arts at the University of Dar es Salaam, founder of the Cigogo Music Festival, and is one of the directors of the Chamwino Arts Centre. As a member of the Wagogo ethnic group of Tanzania, his research and community interests include highlighting local communities throughout Tanzania and empowering young Tanzanians.

Karen Howard (series editor) is Associate Professor of Music at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she teaches courses in music education, vocal pedagogy, research, and global music traditions. She has extensive training in global vocal, instrumental, and dance traditions from many music cultures, and her research interests and publications include works on world music cultures, music activism, and global singing traditions.