CD3 Dances of the 7 Continents for Kids and Teachers Volume 1


CD3 Dances of the 7 Continents for Kids and Teachers Volume 1 by Sanna Longden


Dances of the 7 Continents Vol. 1 By Sanna Longden is the first CD that correlates with the two-volume set, Dances of the 7 Continents. An online link to downloadable PDF files of the syllabus of dance directions is included.

Contents: (With suggested grade levels)

Africa: Bele Kawe (individual dance in West African/Caribbean style) for upper elementary-adults
Debky (line dance of North African and Arabic cultures) for upper elementary-adults

Hashual (the fox game from Israel) adaptable for K-8High
Green Mountain (circle dance from Taiwan using wrist bells) adaptable for all ages
Hoy Nergis/Toi Nergiz (Armenian dance with lines for each gender) 4th-adults

Thady You Gander (energetic longways dance) 4th-adults

Ach Ja (humorous partner dance from Germany) K-3rd
Alunelul (circle dance from Romania) upper elementary-adults
Gustav’s Skoal (Swedish square dance with “lurkers”) 3rd-8th
Los Tachos (stick dance from southern France) 3rd-8th
Sicilian Tarantella (Sicilian dance for fours using tambourines) 4th-adults

North America:
Canoe Dance (Native American dance in short lines of Haliwa-Saponi nation) 2nd-6th
Here Comes Sally (African-American dance in longways sets) 2nd-adults
Swing dancing (basic six-count pattern of quintessential U.S. dance) 5th-adults

South America:
El Juego Chirimbolo (traditional music game in Espanol from Ecuador) K-5th