BPP-NEOS No Errata in Our Sonata


BPP-NEOS     No Errata in Our Sonata, by Jos Wuytack, CD

In July 1995, 25 music educators gathered at the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee to make music and learn to become better teachers working with master teacher Professor Jos Wuytack. The classes were filled with song and dance, opportunities for creativity, and encouragement for composition and strategies for better teaching.

These pieces were recorded live in the class and represent examples of pedagogy and didactics. Each piece was presented to illuminate a concept or aspect of the Orff teaching process for melody, harmony, rhythm, form, and timbre.

Many of the pieces specifically highlight the families of Orff instruments. There are individual pieces for recorders, metallophones, xylophones, and glockenspiels as well as pieces that combine the instruments in various pleasing combinations. There are pieces that highlight the many types of percussion instruments as well.