PR-WMP-7186 Hot Marimba! – Zimbabwean-Style Music For Orff Instruments


PR-WMP-7186     Hot Marimba! – Zimbabwean-Style Music For Orff Instruments, by Walt Hampton, book

Percussionist/music educator Walt Hampton launches your upper elementary Orff instrument ensembles into the stratosphere with these nine original pieces, based on or inspired by marimba music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

This is dance music, guaranteed to make your students beg to rehearse. Even the preliminary exercises will have your classroom buzzing. And the performance pieces will drive audiences wild!

This powerhouse primer, influenced by the traditional music of Zimbabwe, will enhance your rhythm and ear training program, nurture students’ improvisational skills and teach cooperative composition techniques. Start slowly, and be prepared to be blown away!

The 8.5″ x 11″ book includes:

  • Nine graded pieces that take your students step-by-step through the skills they need to wail on their xylophones
  • Copy-OK scores for all pieces
  • How to approach each piece
  • Background on the marimba ensembles of both Zimbabwe and the United States
  • Map of Africa
  • Performance suggestions
  • Teaching suggestions

The professionally-produced recording includes:

  • Every tune played clearly in full-length versions that make it easy to hear individual parts
  • An amazing performance by Walt’s students from Marcus Whitman Elementary School in Richland, WA.

Sound Samples


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