MP-AA1 Singing Fun and Games!


MP-AA1 Singing Fun and Games! / Book and Download Edition by Artie Almeida

Artie Almeida: I grew up in a singing family and singing has brought me joy my entire life. During my thirty-eight years as an elementary music instructor, each day was brighter because I got to sing with children. Whether it was happy songs we sang, somber songs that helped us work through challenging events, or silly songs created by the little folks . . . singing was the heart of the program.

The scientifically proven benefits of singing have been detailed in a multitude of publications. A small sampling of the rewards that singing brings includes building community and a sense of belonging, a lifting of mood, stress relief, coping with grief, immune system stimulation, increased lung function and much more. While these statistics are a fabulous statement about the value of singing, we know that our students just want to sing joyfully . . . with their friends . . . as often as possible.

Every child needs a pocketful of songs that they can carry with them throughout their childhood and share with friends and family. My hope was that I could provide my students with a huge assortment of songs for them to access in a variety of special occasions and situations.

Each Lesson Includes

Lesson Structure: READY . . . SET . . . GO!

This in-depth lesson organization will prepare you for success in each class.

READY . . . (Targets)

This section details the learning targets, specific concepts to be addressed, vocabulary to be introduced, or reinforced, and lesson outcomes.

SET . . . (Stuff you’re gonna need!)

  • A list of materials and equipment needed
  • The Visuals needed for lesson support, which are available to you as downloads. Our artist Lana has done a fabulous job at preparing motivational and child-appealing visuals for the lessons. (Never underestimate the power of a good visual!)
  • Recordings for all songs: Our arranger Jason has provided very creative, child-appropriate and fun tracks for the songs in this collection!
  • Photographs to help you see what this lesson will look like in your classroom: My niece, Katie Grace Miller, who facilitated a day for me to go to her music room, where she took photographs of her students demonstrating the songs in the book!
  • Interest Igniters like props and manipulatives you might wish to use are included in many lessons.
  • Suggestions to prepare your teaching space and materials to ensure a smooth lesson flow, making it more likely you can meet all your goals. (My thoughts are with you if you have the extreme challenge of traveling from room to room to teach!)

GO! . . . (Instructional Sequence)

  • Lesson Hooks to draw students in
  • Step-by-step, in-depth instructional suggestions
  • Plans that are scaffolded well, in order to use the children’s time wisely. This is especially important since so many music teachers see the students infrequently.
  • Plans that strive to address a variety of “paths to learning” for your students

Materials Included

– Printed Book
– Digital Book PDF
– Audio MP3
– Visuals

Song List

Action Songs
1. My Bonnie
2. Down to the Baker’s Shop
3. Chester
4. Long-Legged Sailor
5. Ridin’ in a Buggy
6. Five Little Ducks
7. Allison’s Camel
8. Six Blue PigeonsSongs with Props
9. Chumbara
10. Five Green and Speckled Frogs
11. There’s a Spider on the Floor
Audiation Songs
12. Little Cabin in the Wood
13. Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree
14. Swimming, Swimming
15. The Horse Went AroundEcho Songs
16. Goin’ on a Picnic
17. Charlie Over the Ocean
18. No More PieSinging Games
19. Seven Steps
20. Wishy Washy