BPP-RBCB Catfish Blues


BPP-RBCB Catfish Blues, Soulful Expressions of Jazz Along the Mississippi  by Dr. Rene Boyer

A 3-Act musical written for children, Grades 4-8. Children will enjoy rehearsing and performing the great songs and engaging script while learning about one of America’s greatest treasures—The Mississippi River.

Explore the origin of this great river, its history, its culture and the continued economic impacts that it has on our nation. Catfish Blues contains opportunities to integrate learnings across the entire curriculum, science, history, cultures, geography, reading, art, music, research and more, as they experience the evolution of music along the Mississippi. Students will increase their appreciation of the Mississippi River as a National Treasure as they accompany themselves on Orff barred instruments, sing alone and in harmony with others.

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