G-10922 The Rhythm of Somalia


G-10922 The Rhythm of Somalia  – A Collection of Songs, Stories, and Traditions edited by Karen Howard

The Rhythm of Somalia is a delightful collection of songs, games, and stories of the Somali people, as shared by more than a dozen elementary students and families living in the metro region of Minnesota where authors Qorsho Hassan and Becca Buck teach.

Like the other books in the World Music Initiative series, this collection provides important historical and cultural context for each song or game, along with photographs and illustrations, offering a glimpse into the depth and beauty of Somali culture and its traditions.

Each selection includes notation, translations, phonetic pronunciations, and optional ideas for pedagogical extensions. The book’s companion website also features audio pronunciation guides, videos of the children sharing their songs and games, and links to additional online resources.

With themes of family, faith, tradition, and joy, the songs and games in this resource offer students, teachers, and parents the opportunity to engage with this beautiful culture and community in an authentic and culturally responsive way.

Qorsho Hassan (author) is an educator, researcher, community organizer, and advocate for creating just, liberating, and joyful spaces for all students. She has served as a classroom teacher for ten years and won Minnesota Teacher of the Year in 2020.

Becca Buck (author) is a full-time K–5 music teacher living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She presents her work in culturally relevant teaching at the local and national levels and is a frequent guest speaker for music education classes around the country.

Joof Farah (illustrator) is a Somali illustrator, graphic designer, and product designer based in Columbus, Ohio. He has a background in architecture and received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from The Ohio State University.

Karen Howard (series editor) is Associate Professor of Music at the University of St. Thomas. Her research and teaching interests include diversification of educational strategies, dispositions, and repertoire to create a more equitable learning environment for students of all ages.


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