MP-735 Holiday Orff Source


MP-735 Holiday Orff Source / Book by Stacy Werner

The Holiday Orff Source includes 14 lessons using the Orff process and instruments that vary from simple songs for PreK-K-1 to accompany a storybook, to interesting instrumental arrangements for older students. The students will have opportunities in the lessons to sing, play, move, listen and improvise. Many songs include movement suggestions using dance, scarves, or improvising, and of course, students are encouraged to create their own. There are several traditional Christmas songs and a Hanukkah song, but most selections are seasonal.

Materials Included

– Printed Book
– Digital Book PDF

Songs Include

Title Description 
Winter is Here
Penguins Marching
Hear the Bells Ring
Snow is Falling
Holiday Magic
Bells of Christmas Morn
Candles of Hanukkah
Silent Night
Up on the Housetop
Welcome Friends
Sing Noel
Carol of the Bells
Song to go with the storybook ‘Millions of Snowflakes’
Song with movement, improvisation, create verses
Song with movement, create verses
Song with scarf movement, play melody on bells
Traditional song with a dance
Song with scarf movement, improvisation
Canon with many possible extensions
Traditional Hebrew song with movement
Traditional carol arranged for upper elementary
Traditional song
Traditional song
Canon with many possible extensions
Traditional song, would be a good instrumental
Excellent instrumental arrangement for older kids