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HL49012182     SINGING AND PLAYING AT CHRISTMAS – 3, Composers: Gunild Keetman, Minna Ronnefeld

European Christmas Carols with suggestions for festive settings. This collection meets the demand for dance pieces in class teaching which are not too ambitious but which are of good quality. The collection is aimed at junior and secondary school pupils but the pieces may also be used at more advanced levels and outside the school. Simple dances suited to the music may be created and performed by children and teachers. Preface by the Authors • Translator’s Notes • Abbreviations for Instruments • Songs: • To Blessed Mother Mary • Shepherds in the Fields • Lord, Whence Has Come This Brilliant Light • Maria Amid the Thornwood • While I Wathched My Sheep at Night • O Jesus Christ • Now We Bid You Welcome • O Come Rejoicing • To David’s City Maria Came • Christmas Is Coming • When Christ Our Lord Was Born • On That Holy Night of Nights • See, Now Comes the Old One • Suggestions for Festive Settings: • Mary • The Annunciation • References • Notes

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