G-CD1089 Had a Little Rooster


G-CD1089 Had a Little Rooster / CD / revised edition – includes digital downloads   by John Feierabend and Jill Trinka 

The great American folk songs and rhymes on this CD have enthralled young people for generations. This recording embodies the true spirit of these songs, delightfully sung by Jill Trinka and accompanied by a wide variety of acoustic instruments, including guitar, dulcimer, autoharp, piano, percussion, string bass, and violin.

The enclosed illustrated booklet includes complete lyrics and song directions. And all of the performances are in step with John M. Feierabend’s philosophy of providing a nurturing environment for musical growth. Children and their families are sure to enjoy this and the other imaginative and engaging CDs drawn from John’s eight collections of folk songs for kids ages three and up.

Contents: Had a Little Rooster – No More Pie – No More Pie (sing-a-long) – Frog in the Meadow – Chop, Chop, Chippity Chop – Listen, Listen – Over the Meadow – Five Little Ladies – Engine, Engine – The Ice Cream Sundae – My Name Is Michael – My Name Is Michael (sing-a-long) – Pitter, Patter – Two Little Blackbirds – Ali Baba – There Was a Man and He Was Mad – My Aunt Came Back – My Aunt Came Back (sing-a-long) – Eensy Weensy Spider – Aiken Drum – Bill Grogen’s Goat – Bill Grogen’s Goat (sing-a-long) – Johnny Had One Friend – Grandma’s Glasses – Frog in the Meadow – Jennie Jenkins – Father Grumble – A Ram Sam Sam (Moroccan) – Bling, Blang – Down by the Bay – Down by the Bay (sing-a-long) – Fais Dodo (Cajun) – Three Little Ducks – Cobbler, Cobbler – Wise Old Owl – Wise Old Owl (sing-a-long) – Here’s a Nest – Hickory, Dickory, Dock – The Tailor and the Mouse