G-CD-438 Ride Away Your Horses


G-CD-438  Ride Away Your Horses  Music, Now I’m One!: First Steps in Music for Infants and Toddlers CD  by John Feierabend and Luann Saunders

It’s all here: bounces, lullabies, songs for tickling and wiggling…music and rhymes from Feierabend’s wonderful early childhood books! Each CD combines the very best for each age group from all five books—more than 60 selections on each recording, complete with a fully illustrated booklet of lyrics and special directions.

All songs are performed with only one voice, guitar and string bass, following Feierabend’s philosophy that simplicity in musical accompaniment makes it easier for children to focus on the important melody of the song.

With this collection, John M. Feierabend and Luann Saunders present a simple way to make a connection between adult and child and develop a child’s imagination, as well as enjoy a wonderful playtime together.

Contents:  Giggles – Ride Away On Your Horses – I Have a Little Pony – Had a Mule – Leg Over Leg – Little White Ponies – Ride a Little Horsey – Seesaw, Margery Daw – Peep Squirrel –  Pierrot – This Is the Father – This Little Elf – This Is the Man That Broke the Barn – Baby’s Thumb – This Little Clown – This Little Puppy – Ring Around the Rosey – I Roll the Ball – Sally Go ‘Round the Sun – See the Little Mousie – Roly Poly – The Cows Are in the Meadow – Creeping, Creeping, Creeping – ‘Round and ‘Round the Garden – There Was a Little Mouse – Cobbler, Cobbler – Clap Your Hands – Brow Binker – Pit, Pat, Well a Day – Diddlety, Diddlety Dumpty – Here Goes a Turtle – Cherries Are Ripe – Go To Sleep, Go To Sleepy – Hush, My Little Bird – Ride on Daddy’s Knee – See the Pony Galloping – From Wibbleton to Wobbleton – Charley Barley – Five Little Riders – Buster Brown – I Have Lost My Closet Key – Grandme Grunts – Bye, Baby Bunting – This Is the Mother – This Little Bunny – This Little Froggie – Hungry Piggy Snout – Little Tommy Thumb – This Little Piggy Said – On, Roll On, The Leaves Are Green, the Nuts Are Brown – Santa MAloney – Creepy Mouse – ‘Round About – ‘Round and ‘Round the Haystack – Slowly, Slowly – Can You Keep a Secret? – ‘Round About the Rosebush – Knock At the Door – Higglety Pigglety Pop – Akron Beacon – Is Johnny In? – Robert Barnes – Down the Street – Lullaby My Jamie – Golden Slumbers – Mammy, Mammy Told Me-o