G-9523 The Family Folk Song Project


G-9523 The Family Folk Song Project  by Catherine Ward

The Family Folk Song Project is a brilliantly simple general music activity that bridges musical experiences at home with those at school, for the benefit of all.

This book includes complete instructions for The Family Folk Song Project, a class activity where every child learns a folk song from a family member and then teaches it to his or her classmates.

Writes author Cathy Ward:

The Family Folk Song Project has encouraged my students to sing with their families and learn about their cultural heritage. It has helped my students feel connected to music class, and I have noticed a remarkable improvement in behavior and engagement for many students after completing this project. I have collected songs in more than ten languages that are relevant to the community where I teach, and I have been able to use these songs in my classroom.

This book also includes a letter to send home to parents, in both English and Spanish. It includes examples of folk songs that Ward has collected through this activity, along with ideas about using this activity to teach musical concepts to children.

As music teachers, we need to provide simple, concrete opportunities for families to experience the joy of sharing music together so musical traditions can be passed on to future generations. The Family Folk Song Project is a wonderful way to accomplish this goal and help children experience lifelong connections through music.

Cathy Ward teaches elementary general music in Somerville, Massachusetts.