EukeTG Easy Ukulele Songs in C – Teacher’s Guide


 EukeTG    Easy Ukulele Songs in C Teacher’s Guide by Denise Gagne

Easy Ukulele Songs Teacher’s Guide (C) is an excellent song collection to teach young beginners to sing and strum on the ukulele. The collection includes 32 folk songs with a performance/accompaniment CD, projectables, chord charts, reproducible student lyrics pages, and links to easy pop songs to play along with.  The first 15 songs use just one chord.  The next 15 songs are very easy two chord songs, and there are two songs that use three chords.

Materials Included

In the printed product:
– Printed Book / Audio CD
– Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3
– Projectable PDFs
– Introduction Movie

In the CD product:
– Audio MP3
– Projectable PDFs
– Introduction Movie

Songs Include:

– Little Tommy Tinker
– Johnny One Hammer
– Funga Alafia
– Row, Row, Row Your Boat
– Adieu My Comrades
– This Old Hammer
– Ten in the Bed
– Land of the Silver Birch
– Canoe Song
– In the Land of Oz
– Skin and Bones
– The Ghost of Tom
– Cotton Eyed Joe
– Whistle Daughter
– Little Liza Jane
– The Wandering Cowboy
– Clementine
– Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
– Hush Little Baby
– This Old Man
– He’s Got the Whole World
– Rock-a My Soul
– Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor
– Hey Lidee
– Old Texas
– Found a Peanut
– Boll Weevil
– Nobody Likes Me
– Wade in the Water
– What Shall We Do With the Silly Sailor?
– Nothing But Peace
– He is Born