75/1076H Everyone Loves A Story


75/1076H      Everyone Loves A Story, by Abigail Blair & Kathryn Finch

Bringing Books to Life Through Music

Everyone loves a story, but when children’s literature is given a musical twist, magic happens. General music teachers Kathryn Finch and Abigail Blair invite you to view picture books through a new lens, one that gives each book a musical purpose. Each lesson offers strategies for introducing a specific book, bringing it to life through music, and then exploring the music concept introduced in the lesson more deeply. Not only do Kathryn and Abigail offer lessons for your students, they share how they think about literature lessons, from finding great books and discovering the hidden lessons within them to creating a full-fledged lesson sequence. This book is the best of both worlds: well-sequenced lessons for your students and professional development for you!