MMF3 Stories and Nursery Rhymes to Sing, Rap and Read



MMF3 Stories and Nursery Rhymes to Sing, Rap and Read

Stories and Nursery Rhymes to Sing, Rap and Read is a great collection of stories and songs for a music class, preschool, daycare, kindergarten or primary classroom. Children love the silly sound effects, the opportunities to play instruments, movement activities and singing storybooks. However, this book provides the teacher with much more than a great song collection. The lessons and activities that are included will help your pre-readers, emerging readers and readers to improve their listening skills and their beginning reading skills. There are several story books and fairy tales with songs and sound effects included in this collection. The songs and sound effects turn the stories into a reader’s theatre for your classroom or for performance.

The songs in this collection provide a wonderful source of predictable stories. Predictable texts supply needed support to emergent readers, who often enter reading by memorizing texts they have heard many times. When the predictable text is combined with illustrations – either as manipulatives that the students will sequence, or as SMART Notebook activities – you have a powerful tool for language learning!

Stories and Nursery Rhymes to Sing, Rap and Read will help your students learn:
– nursery rhymes in a fun way
– fairy tales involving listening and adding instruments when prompted
– left to right tracking in preparation for reading
– sequencing
– songs with picture activities that have a literacy focus
– about spring, farms, oceans, and ponds with stories and literacy activities to accompany the songs

Materials Included:
– Printed Book / Enhanced CD
– Digital Book PDF
– Audio MP3
– Projectable PDF
– SMART Notebook


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