TV-JL01 Seasons and Special Days


TV-JL01 Seasons and Special Days by Jane Lamb / Book and online materials

Seasons and Special Days include 30 original pieces for Orff and Drum written by Jane Lamb. Every song comes with objectives, teaching suggestions, a suggested form, and movement ideas. You will find something for many holidays in this collection including Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, New Year, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Spring, and Summer. The pieces were written with the elementary classroom in mind. Some pieces are simple enough for your Kindergarten – Grade 2, while others will challenge your Grade 5s.

Jane Lamb has over 30 years of teaching elementary music (K-5) with an emphasis on the Orff approach. Jane directed an elementary percussion ensemble at her school and accompanied the school choir. Her percussion ensemble performed for the Texas Music Educators Association Convention in 2008 and 2011. Her ensemble also won many first-place trophies at the Children’s Music Festival of Houston. Jane has presented sessions about her published Orff Collections at TMEA and AOSA.

In the digital resource, you will find that every song is included as a projectable to use for your reference while teaching.

Resource Index


  • Leaves are Falling


  • Trick or Treat
  • Jack-O-Lantern
  • Look Out!
  • Ooooh!
  • What Will You Be For Halloween
  • Halloween, Halloween


  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Mister Turkey
  • Turkey and Dressing


  • Santa Claus
  • I’ve Been Good
  • S-A-N-T-A


  • I Wish…

Happy New Year

  • Happy New Year to You!
  • Happy New Year Game
Valentine’s Day

  • Will You Be My?
  • Give Me a Sign
  • Valentine Spell-out
  • One, Two, Three, Four
  • February
  • Yes, No, Maybe So
  • Valentine Rhythms

St. Patrick’s Day

  • Good Luck


  • Easter Bunny
  • Let’s Dye Some Easter Eggs


  • Spring Time
  • Spring Fever
  • Spring Flowers


  • Summer Days


Materials Included

 Print Book + Download Edition – $25

  • Printed Book [ 72 Pages ]
  • Digital Book PDF [ 72 Pages ]
  • PowerPoints [ 1 ]