SP2424 The Elemental Style Book 2


SP2424 The Elemental Style: A Handbook for Composers and Arrangers  Book 2 by Dr. Paul Cribari and Dr. Rick Layton

Building on the material in Part 1, The Elemental Style: Part 2 guides the reader through more advanced concepts from the Music for Children volumes. Beginning with a discussion of speech and meter, subsequent chapters cover modal shift and triadic harmony, including shifting and harmonized triadic accompaniments. The final chapter of the book culminates with a discussion of functional harmony in both major and minor. In addition to composing original pieces in the elemental style, this book guides the reader through the process of arranging pre-existing melodies in the elemental style. Supplemental resources include a glossary of frequently used terminology used in elemental composing and arranging, practical and technical ranges of the various instruments, and cultural/historical considerations when arranging folk melodies and poems.