SP2413 Recorder Success


SP2413 Recorder Success by Chris Judah-Lauder / Book and CD

Recorder Success is a refreshing, hands free approach recorder method for classroom or individual use.  Included in this package is a CD of full color PowerPoint visuals containing over one hundred songs and exercises, assessment grids and a fingering chart.  The PowerPoint format keeps students focused on the music, allows time for group score analysis and is a step towards going green.  The sequence of pitches taught in this method are: B, A, G, Low E, High C, High D, Low D, F#, Low C, Low F, and High E.  This method is a great value in that the cost of the SP2413 Book/CD Package is only $24.95.The purchaser of the package has permission to print .pdf files for the students in one school, thus saving the cost of purchasing individual books.  For those who prefer to purchase individual books, SP2413B Recorder Success Book Only is available for $6.95 each; or a bundle of 30 books for $5.00 each.

For additional information regarding Recorder Success and Chris Judah-Lauder, please visit her website at the following link: http://chrisjudahlauder.com/