SP2353 Medieval to Modern Musical Cameos


SP2353 Medieval To Modern Musical Cameos  Arranged by Roger Buckton

Twelve charming and varied duets for soprano and alto recorders, which include examples of major stylistic music periods:
• Medieval • Renaissance • Baroque • Classical • Romantic • 20th Century
The parts are of equal interest, and range in difficulty from easy at the beginning, to more challenging pieces toward the end of the collection. Comments about interpretation and points of historical interest are provided for each piece.

Titles Include:

Robin and Marion (A. de la Halle)
Blessed Be Thou, Queen of the Heavens (English Hymn)
La Mourisque (T. Susato)
Come, Follow (English Traditional)
Rosemondt (J. van Eyck)
Chorus (G. F. Handel)
Musette (J. S. Bach)
Austria (F. J. Haydn)
March (W. A. Mozart)
Largo (A. Dvorak)
The Children’s Prayer (E. Humperdinck)
A Toyshop Tune (B. Bartok)