SP2304 Music of Three Centuries


SP2304 Music of Three Centuries  Arranged by Gerald Burakoff & Willy Strickland

Challenging duet arrangements of music from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Scored for soprano and alto recorders. Both parts of equal interest and difficulty. Recommended for the intermediate recorder player.

Titles Include:

Lilliburlero (English(
Prince Rupert’s March (English)
When That I Was And A Little Tiny Boy (English)
Bransle De Champaigne (Claude Gervaise)
Rigaudon (Louis Claude Daquin)
Ronde (Tielman Susato
Gavotte (George Frierdrich Handel)
Rigadoon (Henry Purcell)
March (Esprit Philippe Chedeville)
Minuet (Leopold Mozart)