SE33 Deluxe Rhythm Band Sets Adapted, 20 Players


SE33     Deluxe Rhythm Band Sets Adapted, 20 Players

This adapted rhythm instrument set is designed for exceptional students, small children and those with limited mobility. Features large handles and items that are easier to hold.

Kit contains:

  • One tom-tom w/ mallets
  • One pair of 7″ brass cymbals w/ large knobs
  • One 7″ brass cymbal w/ mallet & large knob
  • Two 6″ triangles w/ large-knob holder & beater
  • Two pairs of sand blocks w/ large knobs
  • One tick-tock block w/ mallet
  • One guiro tone block w/ mallet
  • Three pairs of rhythm sticks
  • One mounted bell set
  • One set of cluster bells
  • Two sets of wrist bells
  • Two Velcro wrist/ankle bells
  • One handle castanet
  • One 6″ headless tambourine
  • “Fun With Rhythm Instruments” book
  • Deluxe container