RM7KCD Rockin’ Easy

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RM7KCD Rockin’ Easy by Don Muro

Another winner from Don Muro to excite performers and audiences. An energetic and spirited piece that “rocks” from beginning to end. For beginning recorder players, with two performance options: S, SS. Includes 2 scores and accompaniment on CD or cassette. “The composer has created a legitimate rock tune for players of lesser experience. By limiting the playing range to an octave beginning on low-D and by keeping the rhythmic patterns uncomplicated, children with just one year or less of instruction can perform this piece successfully. When I introduce the song, I teach only a small section of the composition at a time The quarter-rest is significant in this work and should he observed carefully to achieve the desired effect. The three themes may be rehearsed as brief exercises prior to reading from the music. Encourage students to sing note names and rhythm syllables as they silently finger; this will make the actual playing much easier. The introduction and coda, identical except for one tone, would be a good starting point. Many musical concepts can be taught through this piece, and students will remain enthused. Although the performance options include a lower harmony part, it is better to begin with Soprano I. After a few lessons, the more able students will have mastered the melody and will be eager to learn the alternate part, while slower ones may continue to work on the melody.”

Includes 2 Scores and 1 Accompaniment CD. For more Purchasing Options, please contact!