RB46 25 Player Deluxe Rhythm Kit


RB46      25 Player Deluxe Rhythm Kit

This 25-player Deluxe Rhythm Kit provides a wide range of non-pitched percussion instruments for your classroom.

Kit contains:

  • One tom-tom w/ mallets
  • One pair of 5″ brass cymbals w/ knob
  • Two 5″ triangles w/ holder & beater
  • Two pairs of sand blocks
  • Two pairs of tap-a-taps
  • One tone block w/ mallet
  • One guiro tone block w/ mallet
  • Three pairs of rhythm sticks (one fluted/one plain)
  • Four sets of wrist bells
  • Two jingle taps
  • Two snare boys w/ mallet
  • Two 7″ headed tambourines
  • Two sets of handle castanets
  • One conductor baton
  • “Fun With Rhythm Instruments” book
  • Deluxe container
  • Equal or higher-quality items may be substituted