RB119EX 20-NOTE KIDSPLAY® DeskBell Set


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RB119EX 20-NOTE KIDSPLAY® DeskBell Set

Combining the RB109, RB109C and the RB109EX you can create over an octave of these colorful deskbells. Top quality construction and accurate intonation make these bells the best value available. Excellent for very young children, special needs groups, or anyone with limited mobility due to the ease of playing. Clear, open sound. Full Chromatic octave C-c plus Low A, A#, B, high C#, D, D#, E.


– RB109 + RB109C + RB109EX
– Play by striking the top of the bell
– Excellent for young children/special needs/limited mobility
– Full Chromatic octave plus 7 notes before and after