RB109EX 7-NOTE KIDSPLAY® Desk Bell Expansion Set



RB109EX 7-NOTE KIDSPLAY® Desk Bell Expansion Set

A seven-note expansion set for use with the KidsPlay 8-Note Desk bell set, RB109 (sold separately). These notes expand the range of notes available to increase amount of songs groups and individuals can enjoy playing. Top quality construction and accurate intonation make these bells the best value available. Excellent for very young children, special needs groups, or anyone with limited mobility. Clear, open sound. Low A, A#, B, high C#, D, D#, E.


– 7 notes used to expand the repertroire for the RB109 (sold separately)
– Includes Low A
– A#
– B
– High C#
– D
– D#
– And E


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