PRH056 Wet Dog!


PRH056      Wet Dog!    by ELISE BROACH, Illustrated by DAVID CATROW, paperback

On a hot, hot day, a good old dog just has to get some relief! Around the steamy country lanes, he sniffs and searches until he finds a chauffeur washing a shiny car, a baker scrubbing some sticky pans, and a florist spraying a pink bouquet. They’re all getting ready for a country wedding, and this overheated pup just wants to plunge into the fun—and water! but will the wedding party in their fancy finery welcome this gotta-be-cool pooch?

Zany characters, zingy lines, and high-spirited scenes abound in this witty and affectionate story by author Elise Broach and New York Times Best Illustrated Book Award winner David Catrow.