PR-RS-111 Recorder Soup – Kit with CD


PR-RS-111      Recorder Soup – Kit with CD, by M.C. Handel

A Concoction For Young Players From the Pages of Music K-8 magazine

Kids really love this great collection from M.C. Handel. It brings together five unique recorder features that will put a smile on any student’s face.

Contents for Recorder Soup are:

  • Popcorn BAG – This student favorite is a great way to start the year with B, A, and G.
  • Ukrainian Bell Carol – This creative arrangement cleverly uses E, G, A, B, and C to put your beginning players at the center of this favorite carol.
  • M. C.’s Boogie – M. C. and P. J. teamed up on this one to create a rompin’, stompin’ big band boogie that only requires the use of C, A, G, and E.
  • Firefly – While this tune is set in a laid-back Latin jazz style, the recorder players never have to play anything harder than quarter notes on the notes G, A, B, C, and D.
  • Da Da Da Da Da Bomp! – Finish the year with a real rocker that is full of options. It can be performed as a unison tune using G, A, B, C, and D, or as a duet that concentrates on high E in the second part.

Song Titles

Popcorn BAG

Ukrainian Bell Carol

M. C.’s Boogie


Da Da Da Da Da Bomp!