PP003 Orff Schulwerk in Diverse Cultures


PP003      Orff Schulwerk in Diverse Cultures, edited by Barbara Haselbach and Carolee Stewart  – paperback

Orff-Schulwerk in Diverse Cultures: An Idea That Went Round the World is a commentary on the phenomenon of the rapid and worldwide dissemination of Orff Schulwerk, which has been in continuous process for more than 70 years since its origins in Central Europe. A selection of articles on the topic of adapting and adopting Orff Schulwerk is followed with contributions from countries in Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Oceania, supplemented by some European countries that have a special feature. In documenting the various adaptations of Orff Schulwerk, the authors describe characteristics and differences that result from the integration with each country’s own cultural traditions and educational systems.