OUP002 Teaching Music to Students with Autism


OUP002      Teaching Music to Students with Autism, Second Edition Alice M. Hammel and Ryan M. Hourigan, paperback

Teaching Music to Students with Autism is a comprehensive practical guide for music educators who work with students with autism. Authors and veteran music educators Alice M. Hammel and Ryan M. Hourigan offer an approach centered in inclusion designed for music educators, music teacher educators, and all those who have an interest in the education of students with autism. In this second edition, the authors offer fully up-to-date information on the diagnosis of autism, advocating for students and music programs, and creating and maintaining a team-approach when working with colleagues. A significant portion of the book is focused on understanding the communication, cognition, behavior, sensory, and socialization challenges inherent in students with autism and ways to structure classroom experiences and learning opportunities for all students. A chapter of classroom snapshots (vignettes) written by teachers in the field of music education provides additional opportunities to transfer information to ‘real life’ situations. Finally, the book offers a chapter of print and web resources for further study.