LF2 More Listening Fun


LF2   More Listening Fun by Dan Fee and Denise Gagne

by Dan Fee and Denise Gagné

More Listening Fun provides active listening lessons with parachutes, paper plates, scarves and ribbons that will engage your students and get them excited about listening to classical music! The collection includes an audio CD and a Digital Resources Disk with PowerPoints to aid in teaching the routines and concepts, movies about the composers and QuickTime videos of each activity. The teacher’s guide includes lessons aligned to national standards, reproducible composer biographies, reproducible visuals – listening logs, beat charts, dynamics cards, form cards, texture visuals – to aid in teaching concepts.

Materials Included

In the printed product:
– Printed Book / Enhanced CD
– Digital Book PDF
– Audio MP3
– Projectable PDF
– PowerPoint
– Movies

Listening Examples Include:

1. “Bourrée” from Music for the Royal Fireworks by George F. Handel

2. “La Rejouissance” from Music for the Royal Fireworks by George F. Handel

3. Serenade No. 13 in G major, K 525, 16 3 Eine kleine Nachtmusik “Menuetto” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

4. “Overture to Act II” from Swan Lake by Peter Tchaikovsky

5. “Little Red Riding Hood” from Sleeping Beauty by Peter Tchaikovsky

6. Waltz in D-flat major, op. 64, No. 1, Minute Waltz by Frederic Chopin

7. “Hungarian Dance No. 1” by Johannes Brahms

8. Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, op. 214 by Johann Strauss, Jr.

9. “Gavotte en rondeau” from Ballet du Roi by Jean Baptiste Lully

10. “Argonaise” from Carmen Suite no. 1 by Georges Bizet


Audio: La Rejouissance
Audio: Tritsch-Tratsch Polka
Audio: Hungarian Dance No. 1
Book: More Listening Fun
Book: Listening Log Sample