MC1 Music Centers Kit 1


MC1 Music Centers Kit 1

Complete class sets of colorful, eye-catching and exciting gameboards developed to teach dynamics, tempo, note names and symbols. Students love this unique, hands-on and engaging approach to teaching music theory. This kit also includes many reproducible worksheets, assessments and activities as an added bonus. Gameboards can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced students. This kit includes four different games (4 of each game board) plus reproducible activities – enough for 6 or more centers and everyone in your class can play!

Why use centers in the music room? Learning centers are typically set up in a classroom to encourage children to make choices. As they work in the centers they learn to work independently as well as cooperatively. Behaviors are getting more difficult to manage every year. If you use centers and have one or two students not behaving appropriately, this is a time when you can intervene and have them work one on one with you, or you can give them a written task instead of letting them play the games at the centers. I found with the grade 5 classes I worked with that the level of engagement was really high, and students were almost all on task.

Learning centers allow the teacher to address children’s individual learning styles. They are designed to assist students in developing independence, learning through self-discovery and are also a chance for the teacher to target specific academic skills. In the grade 5 class that I worked with, there were several students with very low academic abilities, and the students that they were grouped with were very helpful and empathetic to their needs.

One of the best reasons to use centers in the music room, is to give the teacher the opportunity to assess individual performance skills while the other students in the class are engaged in meaningful play.

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