LRCH8 Card Holder for Color Coded Handbell Cards


Guaranteed to make the director’s job much easier, this handy card holder is custom manufactured to fit up to 8 of the color coded cards for directing and playing chords. (Order # SP2389 or # SP2390). You may hold the card holder with one of your hands, attach it to a music stand using a clip, or hang it up using the two grommets. After you determine the chords needed for a song, place the cards into the holder through the open slots. The bell ringers can see the bells through one side, while the conductor can see the chord names from the other. Simply point to the proper chord at the moment the chord is to be played. Since all the chords for the song are visible, this holder will help your ringers to remember if their bell is used in a given song. You will find this device particularly useful for songs that have more than 3 chords or chords that change quickly.