LR1 Elemental ‘Ukelele


LR1     Elemental ‘Ukelele, Pathways and Possibilities by Lorelei Batislaong and Roger Sams

Elemental ‘Ukulele is the second supplement to the Purposeful Pathways core materials, and thus, utilizes the Purposeful Pathways Model, integrating Orff-Schulwerk, Kodály, and eurhythmics. It contains fifteen active music making lessons for elementary and middle school music classrooms for teaching ‘ukulele. Electronic Visuals are available for this book as PowerPoint® files. The printable scores, manipulatives, and addendum including popular song selections are available as PDF files. The electronic visuals, printable manipulatives, and popular songs addendum are available for free with the purchase of this book.

Our intention with all Purposeful Pathways publications is to provide multiple possibilities, or pathways, for anyone teaching elementary or middle school music to adapt to their personal school setting. We believe that music is most effective when it is purposeful, balancing conceptual learning with performance skills to develop thoughtful musicians capable of managing artistic choice with skill and ease.

We are Dancing in the Forest
Let Us Chase the Squirrel
Rock a My Soul
Are You Sleeping? (France)
On Top of Old Smokey
Lavender’s Blue
Circle ‘Round the Zero
A Ram Sam Sam
Leron, Leron Sinta (Philippines)
Rise, Sugar, Rise
Four White Horses (U.S. Virgin Islands)
Little Robin Redbreast
Come and Go With Me
Skin and Bones
Shady Grove

Praise for Elemental ‘Ukulele

Elemental ‘Ukulele: Pathways and Possibilities is a wonderfully written book that provides music educators with well-designed lessons for teachers to incorporate into their classrooms.  The book is visually appealing and provides its readers with excellent practice strategies, chord diagrams, lead sheet notation, and movement diagrams. The “Teacher Talk” boxes and diverse “pathways” provide terrific information for teachers to consider, such as instructional strategies, performance techniques, and cultural contexts.  What a great contribution to the field of music education!”

Jacqueline C. Henninger, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Music Education, Texas Tech University

If you have been searching for a creative, child-centered approach to teaching ‘ukulele to your students, look no further. Lorelei Batislaong and Roger Sams, two outstanding music educators, have put together a fabulous resource based on extensive experience teaching the ‘ukelele to classes of elementary music students. The simple and attractive electronic visuals will enhance your teaching and are free with purchase of this book. Color-coded strings on the chord charts correspond to the chord colors in the song sheets making it easier for young musicians to learn to play this popular instrument. The engaging folksong repertoire, movement activities, Orff accompaniments, and classroom-tested teaching suggestions that blend rote learning with literacy all make Elemental ‘Ukulele: Pathways and Possibilities a unique and compelling instruction book. This is a book that is grounded in the fundamentals of good teaching and a most welcome addition to our profession.
Diane Persellin, Ed.D
Murchison Professor of Music Education, Trinity University

Loreli Batislaong and Roger Sams have co-authored another fabulous edition to the Purposeful Pathways collection with Elemental ‘Ukulele: Pathways and Possibilities. Basing lessons around fifteen authentic folk songs/games that children love to sing and play, these teaching strategies can be used in multiple contexts and with numerous instruments, in order to connect with other aspects of your music teaching. Most importantly, clear descriptions of historically accurate ‘ukulele technique and student-centered practice procedures make this text valuable above all others. From preparing strum patterns with the body, through reference chords, anchor fingers, chord transitions, to singing and strumming, and all the way to barre chords and fingerpicking, Batislaong & Sams motivate your students through these experiential pathways, all the while assisting you in helping your musicians combat fatigue. Multiple ways to practice, electronic files including iconic visuals, chord charts, and music notation, as well as printable manipulatives assist your teaching and students’ learning. A personal story from Batislaong tops off this outstanding and novel approach to teaching the prized instrument from Hawai’i – the ‘ukulele.

Georgia A. Newlin, DMA
Music Education Consultant and author of “One Accord: Developing Part-Singing Skills in School-Age Musicians”

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